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Arkansas Community FoundationAspire Arkansas is a project of Arkansas Community Foundation, a statewide community foundation that provides resources, insight and inspiration to build stronger Arkansas communities – communities where our kids will want to raise their kids. The Community Foundation is the largest grantmaker in the state in the number of grants made each year.

Since 1976, the Foundation has provided more than $460 million in grants to nonprofits. The Foundation staff works directly with donors, professional advisors and nonprofits to help strengthen Arkansas communities through strategic philanthropy and focusing on local needs. Its assets rank among the top 60 out of more than 900 community foundations in the United States. Serving statewide and local initiatives, the Community Foundation helps connect those who want to give to the causes they care about.

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Better Data Means Better Solutions


Aspire Arkansas grew from a need that Arkansas Community Foundation identified for more accessible, localized data to drive community improvement. In 2011, the first Aspire Arkansas report was published with county-by-county data on issues important to Arkansans. The data was updated in 2013, 2018 and 2024 with varying reports and new information to help Arkansans bridge the gap between data and actions that could accomplish specific community goals.

Aspire Arkansas provides downloadable data on education, healthcare, families, demographics, racial equity and communities to help individuals, organizations and communities make better decisions through better data access.

Data can tell stories that help us understand where our state currently stands while also serving as a compass to help determine where we should go. Arkansas Community Foundation’s goal is that Aspire Arkansas will help Arkansans discover these data stories and use the power of knowledge to create positive change.



Arkansas Community Foundation engages people, connects resources and inspires solutions to build community.


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