Graduation Rate
Source: University of Arkansas - Office for Education Policy
High School Cohort Graduation Rate
Alma School District95%
Alpena School District95%
Arkadelphia School District81%
Armorel School District95%
Ashdown School District87%
Atkins Public Schools86%
Augusta School District77%
Bald Knob School District94%
Barton-Lexa School District79%
Batesville School District92%
Bauxite School District95%
Bay School District90%
Bearden School District95%
Beebe School District90%
Benton School District95%
Bentonville Public Schools93%
Bergman School District83%
Berryville Public Schools85%
Bismarck Public Schools95%
Blevins School District82%
Blytheville School District84%
Booneville School District95%
Bradford School District95%
Brinkley School District85%
Brookland School District93%
Bryant Public Schools90%
Buffalo Island Central School District94%
Cabot Public Schools91%
Caddo Hills School District90%
Calico Rock School District87%
Camden Fairview School District87%
Carlisle School District77%
Cave City School District95%
Cedar Ridge School District85%
Cedarville School District95%
Centerpoint School District91%
Charleston School District95%
Clarendon School District95%
Clarksville School District95%
Cleveland County School District95%
Clinton School District91%
Concord Public Schools94%
Conway Public Schools88%
Corning Public Schools95%
Cossatot River School District89%
Cotter School District91%
County Line School District95%
Cross County School District89%
Crossett School District90%
Cutter-Morning Star School District84%
Danville School District95%
Dardanelle Public Schools89%
De Queen School District85%
Decatur School District78%
Deer/Mount Judea School District95%
Dermott School District81%
Des Arc Public Schools90%
DeWitt School District80%
Dierks School District94%
Dollarway School District76%
Dover School District92%
Drew Central School District83%
Dumas School District88%
Earle School District86%
East End School District95%
East Poinsett County School District89%
El Dorado School District91%
Elkins School District95%
Emerson-Taylor School District87%
England School District77%
Eureka Springs School District86%
Farmington School District95%
Fayetteville School District88%
Flippin School District87%
Fordyce School District91%
Foreman School District95%
Forrest City School District86%
Fort Smith Public Schools90%
Fouke School District95%
Fountain Lake School District83%
Genoa Central School District90%
Gentry Public Schools88%
Glen Rose School District93%
Gosnell School District95%
Gravette School District84%
Green Forest School District88%
Greenbrier School District95%
Greene County Technical School District95%
Greenland Public Schools94%
Greenwood School District95%
Gurdon School District83%
Guy-Perkins Schools88%
Hackett Public Schools90%
Hamburg School District86%
Hampton School District95%
Harmony Grove School District91%
Harrisburg School District83%
Harrison School District91%
Hazen School District95%
Heber Springs School District90%
Hector School District88%
Helena-West Helena School District91%
Hermitage School District95%
Highland School District91%
Hillcrest School District95%
Hope School District75%
Horatio School District93%
Hot Springs School District70%
Hoxie School District95%
Huntsville School District81%
Izard Cty Consolidated Schools86%
Jackson County School District95%
Jasper School District95%
Jessieville School District86%
Jonesboro Public Schools87%
Junction City School District95%
Kirby School District91%
Lafayette County School District90%
Lake Hamilton School District84%
Lakeside School District95%
Lamar School District91%
Lavaca Public Schools92%
Lawrence County School District90%
Lead Hill School District87%
Lee County School District86%
Lincoln School District85%
Little Rock School District78%
Lonoke School District87%
Magazine Schools90%
Magnet Cove School District93%
Magnolia School District92%
Malvern Special School District88%
Mammoth Spring Schools95%
Manila School District95%
Mansfield School District89%
Marion School District86%
Marked Tree School District85%
Marmaduke School District95%
Marvell School District85%
Mayflower School District88%
Maynard School District95%
McCrory School District88%
McGehee School District86%
Melbourne School District93%
Mena Public Schools92%
Midland School District86%
Mineral Springs School District89%
Monticello School District92%
Mount Ida School District88%
Mount Vernon-Enola School District95%
Mountain Home School District85%
Mountain Pine School District82%
Mountain View School District95%
Mountainburg Schools89%
Mulberry School District88%
Murfreesboro School District88%
Nashville School District95%
Nemo Vista School District91%
Nettleton School District89%
Nevada School District95%
Newport School District78%
Norfork Schools92%
North Little Rock School District79%
Omaha School District95%
Osceola School District85%
Ouachita River School District89%
Ouachita School District77%
Ozark Mountain School District95%
Ozark School District93%
Palestine-Wheatley School District91%
Pangburn School District87%
Paragould School District87%
Paris School District89%
Parkers Chapel School District91%
Pea Ridge School District90%
Perryville School District85%
Piggott School District91%
Pine Bluff School District68%
Pocahontas School District91%
Pottsville Public Schools95%
Poyen School District93%
Prairie Grove School District91%
Prescott School District87%
Pulaski County Special School District82%
Quitman School District88%
Rector School District89%
Riverside School District95%
Riverview School District87%
Rogers Public Schools87%
Rose Bud School District89%
Russellville Schools90%
Salem School District95%
Scranton School District95%
Searcy County School District95%
Searcy School District87%
Sheridan School District90%
Shirley School District74%
Siloam Springs Schools90%
Sloan-Hendrix School District95%
Smackover School District91%
South Conway County School District87%
South Mississippi County School District80%
South Side-Bee Branch School District92%
Southside School District94%
Spring Hill School District94%
Springdale School District83%
Star City School District93%
Strong School District87%
Stuttgart School District88%
Texarkana School District77%
Trumann Schools76%
Two Rivers School District87%
Valley Springs School District95%
Valley View School District95%
Van Buren School District89%
Vilonia School District95%
Viola School District95%
Waldron School District90%
Warren School District88%
Watson Chapel School District81%
West Fork School District95%
West Memphis School District85%
West Side School District91%
Western Yell County School District94%
Westside Consolidated School District90%
Westside School District92%
White County Central School District95%
White Hall School District89%
Wonderview School District87%
Woodlawn School District92%
Wynne Public Schools95%
Yellville-Summit School District95%

Source: University of Arkansas - Office for Education Policy

Number of High School Graduates
Alma School District241
Alpena School District
Arkadelphia School District116
Armorel School District
Ashdown School District87
Atkins Public Schools61
Augusta School District
Bald Knob School District
Barton-Lexa School District63
Batesville School District196
Bauxite School District
Bay School District
Bearden School District
Beebe School District227
Benton School District381
Bentonville Public Schools1,125
Bergman School District68
Berryville Public Schools131
Bismarck Public Schools
Blevins School District
Blytheville School District149
Booneville School District
Bradford School District
Brinkley School District
Brookland School District150
Bryant Public Schools588
Buffalo Island Central School District
Cabot Public Schools729
Caddo Hills School District
Calico Rock School District
Camden Fairview School District162
Carlisle School District37
Cave City School District
Cedar Ridge School District
Cedarville School District
Centerpoint School District
Charleston School District
Clarendon School District
Clarksville School District
Cleveland County School District
Clinton School District
Concord Public Schools
Conway Public Schools666
Corning Public Schools
Cossatot River School District
Cotter School District
County Line School District
Cross County School District
Crossett School District104
Cutter-Morning Star School District
Danville School District
Dardanelle Public Schools116
De Queen School District167
Decatur School District
Deer/Mount Judea School District
Dermott School District
Des Arc Public Schools
DeWitt School District82
Dierks School District
Dollarway School District56
Dover School District
Drew Central School District69
Dumas School District92
Earle School District
East End School District
East Poinsett County School District
El Dorado School District289
Elkins School District
Emerson-Taylor School District66
England School District54
Eureka Springs School District
Farmington School District
Fayetteville School District683
Flippin School District
Fordyce School District
Foreman School District
Forrest City School District161
Fort Smith Public Schools971
Fouke School District
Fountain Lake School District104
Genoa Central School District
Gentry Public Schools106
Glen Rose School District
Gosnell School District
Gravette School District119
Green Forest School District93
Greenbrier School District260
Greene County Technical School District225
Greenland Public Schools
Greenwood School District282
Gurdon School District
Guy-Perkins Schools
Hackett Public Schools
Hamburg School District115
Hampton School District
Harmony Grove School District103
Harrisburg School District79
Harrison School District173
Hazen School District
Heber Springs School District122
Hector School District
Helena-West Helena School District105
Hermitage School District
Highland School District113
Hillcrest School District
Hope School District125
Horatio School District
Hot Springs School District193
Hoxie School District
Huntsville School District150
Izard Cty Consolidated Schools
Jackson County School District
Jasper School District
Jessieville School District
Jonesboro Public Schools410
Junction City School District
Kirby School District
Lafayette County School District
Lake Hamilton School District298
Lakeside School District241
Lamar School District
Lavaca Public Schools
Lawrence County School District
Lead Hill School District
Lee County School District
Lincoln School District88
Little Rock School District1,277
Lonoke School District132
Magazine Schools
Magnet Cove School District
Magnolia School District193
Malvern Special School District112
Mammoth Spring Schools
Manila School District
Mansfield School District
Marion School District295
Marked Tree School District
Marmaduke School District
Marvell School District
Mayflower School District83
Maynard School District
McCrory School District
McGehee School District64
Melbourne School District
Mena Public Schools
Midland School District
Mineral Springs School District
Monticello School District140
Mount Ida School District
Mount Vernon-Enola School District
Mountain Home School District248
Mountain Pine School District
Mountain View School District
Mountainburg Schools
Mulberry School District
Murfreesboro School District
Nashville School District
Nemo Vista School District
Nettleton School District251
Nevada School District
Newport School District76
Norfork Schools
North Little Rock School District562
Omaha School District
Osceola School District75
Ouachita River School District
Ouachita School District
Ozark Mountain School District
Ozark School District
Palestine-Wheatley School District
Pangburn School District
Paragould School District182
Paris School District93
Parkers Chapel School District
Pea Ridge School District150
Perryville School District62
Piggott School District
Pine Bluff School District181
Pocahontas School District121
Pottsville Public Schools
Poyen School District
Prairie Grove School District141
Prescott School District
Pulaski County Special School District792
Quitman School District
Rector School District
Riverside School District
Riverview School District92
Rogers Public Schools1,055
Rose Bud School District
Russellville Schools393
Salem School District
Scranton School District
Searcy County School District
Searcy School District257
Sheridan School District275
Shirley School District
Siloam Springs Schools312
Sloan-Hendrix School District
Smackover School District
South Conway County School District172
South Mississippi County School District76
South Side-Bee Branch School District
Southside School District
Spring Hill School District
Springdale School District1,327
Star City School District
Strong School District
Stuttgart School District100
Texarkana School District266
Trumann Schools82
Two Rivers School District66
Valley Springs School District
Valley View School District
Van Buren School District400
Vilonia School District232
Viola School District
Waldron School District108
Warren School District104
Watson Chapel School District185
West Fork School District
West Memphis School District327
West Side School District
Western Yell County School District
Westside Consolidated School District118
Westside School District
White County Central School District
White Hall School District197
Wonderview School District
Woodlawn School District
Wynne Public Schools
Yellville-Summit School District

Source: University of Arkansas - Office for Education Policy






1% = 365

What does this measure?

The number of students graduating after four years of high school, expressed as a percentage of their cohort. A cohort is a class of ninth-graders beginning high school in the same academic year.

Why is this important?

High school graduation is the culmination of a successful K-12 education and the gateway to college or employment. Students who do not graduate face the prospect of unemployment or low-paying jobs.

How is Arkansas doing?

The cohort graduation rate for the Class of 2019 was 88%, up 11 percentage points from 2010. In 2018, the latest year for which comparable national data is available, Arkansas was 9th in the nation for this indicator, a big improvement from its rank of 25th in 2015. Graduation rates for different student groups were not as different as in other education indicators: 90% for white students, 85% for Hispanic and 83% for black students, 85% for economically disadvantaged students, 83% for students with disabilities, and 83% for English language learners. The growth since 2010 has been strongest for Asian (+17 points), black (+14 points), Hispanic (+15 points), and English language learners (+15 points) students. In-line with national trends, female graduation rates (90%) were higher than those of males (85%).

Notes about the data

Graduation rate refers to the four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate (ACGR), which tracks student cohort groups from the beginning of 9th grade and follows their progress through 12th grade. The AGCR calculates the initial cohort size using first-time 9th grade students and is adjusted for students who transfer in, transfer out and enroll in another school. Students who obtain a GED instead of a high school diploma are not counted as graduates, but students who graduate prior to the expected four-year time period are included. National data is from the National Center for Education Statistics.

The Target Achievement Gap Group is made up of students in the economically disadvantaged, English language learner, or students with disabilities subgroups.

Source: University of Arkansas - Office for Education Policy, National Center for Education Statistics

High School Cohort Graduation Rate

Source: University of Arkansas - Office for Education Policy, National Center for Education Statistics

Number of High School Graduates

Source: University of Arkansas - Office for Education Policy, National Center for Education Statistics

Source: Arkansas Department of Education

High School Cohort Graduation Rate by Gender

Source: Arkansas Department of Education

Number of Graduates by Gender

Source: Arkansas Department of Education

Source: University of Arkansas - Office for Education Policy

High School Cohort Graduation Rate by Student Subgroup
Economically DisadvantagedEnglish Language LearnersFoster YouthGifted and TalentedHomelessMigrantStudents with Disabilities

Source: University of Arkansas - Office for Education Policy

Access to Quality Seats for Infants and Toddlers Not Applicable
Access to Quality Childcare Seats for Preschoolers Not Applicable
Grade 3 Reading Not Applicable
Grade 8 Math Not Applicable
Graduation Rate Not Applicable
Remediation Rate Not Applicable
Adults with a High School Degree Not Applicable
Adults with a Bachelor's Degree or Higher Not Applicable
Adults Pursuing Further Education Not Applicable
Infant Mortality Not Applicable
Early Prenatal Care Not Applicable
Overweight or Obese Students Not Applicable
Student Drug Usage Not Applicable
Overweight or Obese Adults Not Applicable
Physically Inactive Adults Not Applicable
Smoking Rate Not Applicable
Flouridated Water Not Applicable
Insurance Coverage Rates Not Applicable
Oral Health Not Applicable
Life Expectancy Not Applicable
Routine Check-ups Not Applicable
Births to Teens Not Applicable
Female-headed Households Not Applicable
Children Living in Poverty Not Applicable
People Living in Poverty Not Applicable
Elderly Living in Poverty Not Applicable
Median Household Income Not Applicable
Unemployment Rate Not Applicable
Homeownership Rate Not Applicable
Child Abuse and Neglect Not Applicable
Access to Financial Services Not Applicable
Food Insecurity Not Applicable
Incarceration Rate Not Applicable
Homelessness Not Applicable
Change in Total Jobs Not Applicable
Housing Affordability - Owning Not Applicable
Housing Affordability - Renting Not Applicable
Households Below ALICE Threshold Not Applicable
Voter Participation Rate Not Applicable
Charitable Giving Not Applicable
Volunteering Not Applicable
Group Participation Not Applicable
Connection to Neighbors Not Applicable
Local Voting Not Applicable
Change in Population Not Applicable
Change in Population by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Change in Population by Age Not Applicable
Adults with a High School Degree Not Applicable
Adults with a Bachelor's Degree or Higher Not Applicable
Female-headed Households Not Applicable
Children Living in Poverty Not Applicable
People Living in Poverty Not Applicable
Elderly Living in Poverty Not Applicable
Median Household Income Not Applicable
Unemployment Rate Not Applicable
Homeownership Rate Not Applicable
Incarceration Rate Not Applicable
Change in Population by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable