Change in Population by Age

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Change in Total Population by Age
Under 20 Years20-39 Years40-59 Years60-84 Years85+ Years

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Notes: Rate is percentage change from 2000.

Total Population by Age
Under 20 Years20-39 Years40-59 Years60-84 Years85+ Years

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Change in Total Population by Age
Under 20 Years20-39 Years40-59 Years60-84 Years85+ Years
Arkansas County-23%-24%-21%13%-3%
Ashley County-33%-31%-19%24%-5%
Baxter County1%8%-5%26%30%
Benton County77%84%87%80%107%
Boone County3%0%4%39%31%
Bowie County, Texas-2%-3%-2%38%25%
Bradley County-15%-26%-14%1%-17%
Calhoun County-30%-16%-12%29%-7%
Carroll County-1%-2%-4%68%46%
Chicot County-43%-36%-29%4%8%
Clark County-12%-7%-12%18%-8%
Clay County-24%-22%-19%-2%-23%
Cleburne County-9%-6%-6%27%69%
Cleveland County-23%-24%-7%40%23%
Columbia County-15%-5%-17%8%-5%
Conway County-10%-7%1%32%38%
Craighead County35%24%26%68%58%
Crawford County2%6%14%81%95%
Crittenden County-18%-14%-7%45%25%
Cross County-31%-23%-17%23%6%
Dallas County-41%-30%-32%16%9%
Desha County-36%-31%-35%14%-23%
Drew County-17%-5%-10%38%26%
Faulkner County26%43%44%111%72%
Franklin County-14%-9%-1%32%12%
Fulton County-1%-1%-8%36%48%
Garland County5%9%3%33%34%
Grant County-5%-2%8%67%52%
Greene County15%12%22%47%27%
Hempstead County-15%-24%-9%30%-2%
Hot Spring County-9%11%9%43%30%
Howard County-12%-20%-7%19%-19%
Independence County8%2%-1%42%29%
Izard County-12%-7%0%23%47%
Jackson County-22%-7%-11%9%-21%
Jefferson County-34%-25%-25%20%-8%
Johnson County15%7%12%42%16%
Lafayette County-44%-30%-23%16%-22%
Lawrence County-15%-12%-11%12%-5%
Lee County-51%-33%-25%5%-7%
Lincoln County-34%-14%-1%28%-6%
Little River County-21%-19%-17%29%-5%
Logan County-21%-14%-0%26%-1%
Lonoke County22%34%37%93%37%
Madison County1%9%7%67%18%
Marion County-16%-10%-13%50%19%
Miller County-7%-3%8%49%25%
Mississippi County-32%-26%-21%5%-14%
Monroe County-52%-39%-36%-4%-13%
Montgomery County-22%-21%-5%33%56%
Nevada County-27%-30%-18%14%-5%
Newton County-30%-22%-28%57%34%
Ouachita County-31%-23%-26%12%-4%
Perry County-10%-13%-0%43%32%
Phillips County-46%-34%-35%-0%-18%
Pike County-17%-14%-2%21%-25%
Poinsett County-17%-16%-10%21%1%
Polk County-13%-15%-7%38%8%
Pope County7%15%10%56%35%
Prairie County-28%-26%-23%20%21%
Pulaski County-2%0%-2%62%47%
Randolph County-7%-3%-9%15%32%
Saline County33%32%38%106%100%
Scott County-19%-20%-8%33%14%
Searcy County-17%-16%-14%27%35%
Sebastian County2%2%7%50%28%
Sevier County8%-4%9%28%2%
Sharp County-5%-4%-3%16%14%
St. Francis County-37%-14%-15%32%4%
Stone County-7%-3%-10%53%74%
Union County-23%-19%-19%9%-25%
Van Buren County-8%-6%-2%20%29%
Washington County46%45%44%99%61%
White County8%6%19%51%15%
Woodruff County-41%-35%-32%7%-18%
Yell County-6%-15%6%28%15%

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Notes: Rate is percentage change from 2000.

Total Population by Age
Under 20 Years20-39 Years40-59 Years60-84 Years85+ Years
Arkansas County4,3523,8754,4814,340438
Ashley County4,7894,3165,1125,037403
Baxter County8,1447,7699,58614,7681,665
Benton County79,10979,10068,74447,8644,324
Boone County9,2778,5239,3489,330954
Bowie County, Texas24,09024,63023,03419,4642,027
Bradley County2,8262,4582,7072,496276
Calhoun County1,0851,1801,3941,413117
Carroll County6,7055,9936,7878,232663
Chicot County2,4282,2672,4832,620320
Clark County5,8646,8154,6044,583454
Clay County3,4033,2643,6993,820365
Cleburne County5,1364,8516,1837,863886
Cleveland County1,8911,7082,0982,081178
Columbia County6,3426,4985,0614,995561
Conway County5,1534,7225,3125,118541
Craighead County31,25332,32425,50219,3471,906
Crawford County16,83315,26816,15613,8431,157
Crittenden County14,19012,28111,6189,147719
Cross County4,1633,8354,1863,877358
Dallas County1,5951,4851,6722,004253
Desha County3,1372,5382,5992,847240
Drew County4,6535,0334,1573,956420
Faulkner County32,97940,81129,38421,2121,621
Franklin County4,3944,0304,5444,301446
Fulton County2,8742,3702,9983,846389
Garland County21,88021,89124,17528,6302,810
Grant County4,4264,3824,8844,192381
Greene County12,03811,61111,7009,215761
Hempstead County6,0204,8275,2394,952494
Hot Spring County7,6398,3468,9428,134710
Howard County3,7433,0643,1902,923282
Independence County10,2589,0489,2938,399827
Izard County2,6782,8793,4964,122454
Jackson County3,6794,5984,2843,841317
Jefferson County16,62117,37316,20515,2711,354
Johnson County7,3436,6046,4695,648514
Lafayette County1,3431,3771,7201,992192
Lawrence County4,1143,9214,0013,946424
Lee County1,8022,4422,2792,087247
Lincoln County2,4194,2683,5482,535254
Little River County2,9962,7293,1003,172262
Logan County5,0214,7735,8175,382473
Lonoke County20,26119,77318,93913,344992
Madison County4,2093,7724,2044,069322
Marion County3,2832,8884,0476,061415
Miller County11,04210,99711,0339,379806
Mississippi County11,61810,4049,8808,067682
Monroe County1,5081,3641,6571,957215
Montgomery County1,8441,6252,3522,885280
Nevada County2,0611,7712,0912,114215
Newton County1,6551,5171,8362,552193
Ouachita County5,6955,1515,7466,138652
Perry County2,5582,2492,7842,622242
Phillips County5,0153,9534,0534,368393
Pike County2,5412,3382,8832,747209
Poinsett County6,1235,6065,9905,401408
Polk County4,9554,0614,8425,608498
Pope County17,12617,79215,09112,8611,202
Prairie County1,7971,6682,0482,282267
Pulaski County98,944109,19695,63780,6657,469
Randolph County4,6284,3104,3124,180528
Saline County30,82230,42231,50227,5682,123
Scott County2,5902,2232,5892,640239
Searcy County1,7151,5201,9932,395258
Sebastian County33,83433,19931,86226,4422,490
Sevier County5,3034,2194,0313,163291
Sharp County3,9013,3854,2205,407529
St. Francis County5,7177,1236,2975,393464
Stone County2,6172,3383,0284,121402
Union County10,0959,1189,6968,964809
Van Buren County3,5223,0964,1475,205575
Washington County67,35178,13553,46037,0283,213
White County20,85020,46119,57916,4191,444
Woodruff County1,4781,3091,5881,744201
Yell County5,6754,8815,5364,773476

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

What does this measure?

The growth or decline in the number of residents of a geographic area since 2000, broken down by age groups.

Why is this important?

Population measures provide insight on how communities are changing in size and composition. The age distribution of a population affects a community's character and the services that it requires. For example, an area with a large concentration of youth will have different service needs now and in the future than an area with a large elderly population.

How is Arkansas doing?

Arkansas is getting older. From 2000 to 2019, Arkansas had large increases in both its populations between the ages of 60-84 (up 47%) and 85+ (up 29%). Thus, the state as a whole had 24% of its population aged 60 and older (in contrast to 18% in 2000). All other age groups in the state saw single-digit percentage increases since 2000.

Within the state, only 23% of counties saw their numbers of children and young adults (under age 20) increase. Similarly, only 23% of counties saw increases in their young working population (age 20-39). Saline County had the largest change in its oldest age categories with the population of those 60-84 increasing by 106% and those 85+ increasing by 100%. In contrast, Monroe County was the only county with decreases in both categories (down 4% and 13%, respectively).

Baxter County had the largest share of residents age 60 and over (39%), and saw increases above 25% in its two oldest age categories. In contrast, Washington County had the smallest share of those aged 60 and over (17%), despite growth of over 60% in both those age categories.

Notes about the data

Individuals age into and out of these groups, and this indicator should not be interpreted as a measure of groups moving to or away from the region. Data for this indicator is released annually in July.

Access to Quality Seats for Infants and Toddlers Not Applicable
Access to Quality Childcare Seats for Preschoolers Not Applicable
Grade 3 Reading Not Applicable
Grade 8 Math Not Applicable
Graduation Rate Not Applicable
Remediation Rate Not Applicable
Adults with a High School Degree Not Applicable
Adults with a Bachelor's Degree or Higher Not Applicable
Adults Pursuing Further Education Not Applicable
Infant Mortality Not Applicable
Early Prenatal Care Not Applicable
Overweight or Obese Students Not Applicable
Student Drug Usage Not Applicable
Overweight or Obese Adults Not Applicable
Physically Inactive Adults Not Applicable
Smoking Rate Not Applicable
Flouridated Water Not Applicable
Insurance Coverage Rates Not Applicable
Oral Health Not Applicable
Life Expectancy Not Applicable
Routine Check-ups Not Applicable
Births to Teens Not Applicable
Female-headed Households Not Applicable
Children Living in Poverty Not Applicable
People Living in Poverty Not Applicable
Elderly Living in Poverty Not Applicable
Median Household Income Not Applicable
Unemployment Rate Not Applicable
Homeownership Rate Not Applicable
Child Abuse and Neglect Not Applicable
Access to Financial Services Not Applicable
Food Insecurity Not Applicable
Incarceration Rate Not Applicable
Homelessness Not Applicable
Change in Total Jobs Not Applicable
Housing Affordability - Owning Not Applicable
Housing Affordability - Renting Not Applicable
Households Below ALICE Threshold Not Applicable
Voter Participation Rate Not Applicable
Charitable Giving Not Applicable
Volunteering Not Applicable
Group Participation Not Applicable
Connection to Neighbors Not Applicable
Local Voting Not Applicable
Change in Population Not Applicable
Change in Population by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Change in Population by Age Not Applicable