Racial Equity

Systemic racism is a global, national and local issue, underlying and amplifying many of our most critical social challenges. In this section, we examine racial and ethnic disparities in financial, education and community indicators.

Historic and current policies, practices and systems include housing policies that restrict access to people of color, employment discrimination, unequal access to financial services and capital, education systems that fail to equitably educate all students, racism in health care delivery, racial profiling and inequitable sentencing in policing and criminal justice and many others. These inequities have compounded over generations, impacting decades of family members. This is significantly illustrated by the redlining practices of the 1930s that blocked Black people and people of color from securing real estate, leaving them unable to benefit from a critical opportunity to create and transfer wealth across generations.

Racial and ethnic disparities impact our population of nearly 500,000 African Americans and 237,000 Latino residents in Arkansas. Arkansas is also home to more than 50,000 Asians, 31,000 Native Americans, 12,000 Pacific Islanders and 67,000 residents who have a multiracial background.

There is a wealth of resources to learn more about structural racism, including: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander (https://newjimcrow.com/), Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents, The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein and Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi. There are also data resources such as the National Equity Atlas; racial equity-focused research from organizations like the Urban Institute; tools for learning and change such as those available at Racial Equity Tools, and personal narratives from writers such as Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Education: Access to Quality Seats for Infants and Toddlers
Education: Access to Quality Childcare Seats for Preschoolers
Education: Grade 3 Reading
Education: Grade 8 Math
Education: Graduation Rate
Education: Remediation Rate
Education: Adults with a High School Degree
Education: Adults with a Bachelor's Degree or Higher
Education: Adults Pursuing Further Education
Education: Imagination Libraries
Health: Low Birth Weight Babies
Health: Early Prenatal Care
Health: Overweight or Obese Students
Health: Overweight or Obese Adults
Health: Physically Inactive Adults
Health: Smoking Rate
Health: Insurance Coverage Rates
Health: Oral Health
Health: Life Expectancy
Health: Routine Check-ups
Health: Overdose Deaths
Families: Teen Births
Families: Children Living in Poverty
Families: People Living in Poverty
Families: Elderly Living in Poverty
Families: Median Household Income
Families: Unemployment Rate
Families: Homeownership Rate
Families: Child Abuse and Neglect
Families: Access to Financial Services
Families: Food Insecurity
Families: Food Deserts
Families: Homelessness
Families: Change in Total Jobs
Families: Cost of Homeownership
Families: Households Below ALICE Threshold
Families: Overall Housing Cost Burden
Families: Child Care Costs for Toddlers
Families: Medical Debt
Families: Households Receiving SNAP
Families: Incarceration Rate
Community: Voter Participation Rate
Community: Charitable Giving
Community: Volunteering
Community: Group Participation
Community: Connection to Neighbors
Community: Local Voting
Demographics: Change in Population
Demographics: Change in Population by Race/Ethnicity
Demographics: Change in Population by Age
Racial Equity: Remediation Rate
Racial Equity: Adults with a High School Degree
Racial Equity: Adults with a Bachelor's Degree or Higher
Racial Equity: Adults Pursuing Further Education
Racial Equity: Low Birth Weight Babies
Racial Equity: Early Prenatal Care
Racial Equity: Overweight or Obese Students
Racial Equity: Overweight or Obese Adults
Racial Equity: Physically Inactive Adults
Racial Equity: Smoking Rate
Racial Equity: Insurance Coverage Rates
Racial Equity: Oral Health
Racial Equity: Life Expectancy
Racial Equity: Routine Check-ups
Racial Equity: Teen Births
Racial Equity: Children Living in Poverty
Racial Equity: People Living in Poverty
Racial Equity: Elderly Living in Poverty
Racial Equity: Median Household Income
Racial Equity: Unemployment Rate
Racial Equity: Homeownership Rate
Racial Equity: Child Abuse and Neglect
Racial Equity: Food Insecurity
Racial Equity: Homelessness
Racial Equity: Cost of Homeownership
Racial Equity: Medical Debt
Racial Equity: Households Receiving SNAP
Racial Equity: Incarceration Rate
Racial Equity: Change in Population by Race/Ethnicity